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guard Blake was transferred out of

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time closer, the more rumors, but today the Lakers, guard Blake was transferred out of the transaction took place. So after the game, there is a local Chinese media reporters asked Jeremy transfer rumors into things, Lin replied, "I do not care about this, all my energy on the game above, I think just how to help the team win. As for what the  vibram fivefingers jaya womens  transfer, I can not afford to control. "There is the possibility of a reporter asked him to join the team in Los Angeles in the future, Lin smiled, "I have been in the transfer rumors, but this could not help me." But he also bluntly he is very happy to be here, "if it happens Such a deal, I had to leave, then I am happy to be here. "he revealed that he likes Los Angeles and California, because his hometown in California.Necessary needs to be noted that such a statement is not Jeremy Lin stated publicly they want him to join the Lakers, but in the local Chinese media, "induced" uttered. However, the current Lakers are in the doldrums, the team staff missing, the coach is there to Jeremy D'Antoni, Jeremy If they can come to the Lakers, might be a win-win situation helping his career.No one knows, Jeremy Lin is currently in rocket awkward position, tactical position after being Beverly snatched his first fall (in today's victory over the Lakers, Beverly early end to rest, and there is said to have one thousand main laugh, but he was assigned to play Jeremy Lin play garbage time). If you can join the Lakers, under the command of the D'Antoni is likely to reappear in 2012 on the "Lin crazy" event. After all, the Lakers have been reduced to the point where no one will have any expectation for the Lakers, Knicks and 2012, which was very imagination. Jeremy Lin can play as long as the data luxury market in Los Angeles, the Lakers still allow him to regain the aura of "Lin crazy" feeling. "Dad, I do not know you, I do not know who you are, but because of you, I can have



 today is to motivate the reason I forward - .. you're not, I can become what I am today so I can let the side people have to grow If I have a wonderful family, both parents are around, maybe there are two sisters, a dog, a fence, I probably would not be me now. "And he still wrote on Instagram : "Because of you, Dad thank you I do not know why you're not here with me, but look at what I have achieved a great struggle for the achievement of it #!.."As we all know, LeBron has still not know why the father promised people. He was by his mother Gloria - James single-handedly brought Gloria and poverty in the case of very young LeBron birth, mother and son's early life hardship exception, even  nike zoom kobe 7 uk LeBron had sojourned in many non- pro non-families. Brooklyn Nets (25 wins and 27 losses) success on the road rally. Johnson scored back 10 of 16 shots in the state scored 27 points off the bench Bracher have 25 points and six rebounds, and they led the team in thirty-four force played a small climax overtake the lead, the Nets 105-99 victory over the road to Utah Jazz (19 wins and 34 losses). Utah's three-game winning streak was ended. Nets Johnson scored 27 points and 6 assists, Bracher had 25 points and six rebounds, and Deron Williams had 19 points, seven assists and four rebounds, Livingston had nine points, seven assists and five rebounds, Trey Bulatovic had eight points. Jazz Burks scored 23 points, six rebounds and three assists, Kanter had 18 points and 10 rebounds, and Burke had 14 points and 10 assists, Williams had 12 points, scored nine Hayward points and five rebounds, Jefferson scored eight points, grabbed 13 rebounds Evans.Jazz Favors truce, Kantor starter. Pierce opened the game with three-pointers curtain, Burke hit back two-thirds, Jazz to 8-3 lead. Deron Williams scored six points, hit a jumper Bracher, the first section there are 5 minutes 45 seconds Nets to 15-12 lead. Williams and Burks were


 two-thirds vote, the Jazz quickly regain the lead right. Deron Williams scored a breakthrough, Burks three free throws, Garrett is also two-thirds vote, the Jazz at the end of the first seven points to lead 28-21.Rush opened the second quarter with three-pointers, the Nets even after four points to narrow the score.戈伯特 and Evans teamed up five points, scoring Johnson to find the feeling was given 5 points, he led the team to counterattack wave hit 8-0, the Nets to 34-38 behind four points. Kanter layup, Jefferson hit the third, the Jazz quickly to stabilize the situation. Turn up after two minutes before halftime third shot caused Pierce Williams fouls, three free throws, the Jazz 56-48 lead eight minutes to return to the locker room.Jazz Burke scored 10 first half points and five assists, Kanter and Burks each scored 10 points; Bracher Nets with 13 points and five rebounds, and Johnson had 11 points and four assists Deron Williams scored 8 points.Hayward hit a jumper when the curtain opened the third quarter, the Nets played 6-2 spurt catching scores, Hayward and Jefferson were two-thirds vote, the third quarter were four and a half minutes Jazz to 68-55 lead with 13 points. Johnson feel connected to the two three-pointers, he led the team to counterattack wave hit 11-2, 66-70 Nets chase. Hayward made two free throws, Deron thirds vote, Bracher and even take 6 points, the Nets at the end of the three points with a 75-74 nike zoom soldier 6 cheap lead.Trey Bulatovic hit the third shortly after the beginning of the fourth quarter, Garnett layup, the Nets to 84-78 lead. Jazz even pull six points tied, Terre Bulatovic and Johnson were two-thirds vote, the team made their 10-4 spurt, Nets and lead six minutes. Burks made two free throws, Williams hit a jumper, Johnson and Williams teamed up 5 points, the fourth quarter have 1 minute 25 seconds when the Nets to 99-91 lead. Although the Jazz did not give up efforts Kanter and Burks teamed up 6 points, but they are still powerless to 99-105 defeat. Beijing on February 20, Rockets away the Lakers, this is Dwight - Howard for the first time after 


eBron unstoppable in front of

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All-Star break opener, LeBron unstoppable in front of the Dallas Mavericks, he scored 42 points to lead the team to win. Currently in the eastern part of the Miami Heat to Pacers ranking behind only two balls, they   nike lebron 10 cheap target the rest of the season one is beyond the Pacers, and the other is to strive to get the best record in the league, but they need is LeBron play more focused.LeBron, the lower half of the season really started the season curtain means he wants to continue to lead the team with full play tomorrow, he needs to play more aggressive. From the point of view of a war with the Dallas Mavericks, Wade's physical condition is not very satisfactory, then the Miami Heat giant Chris Bosh will need another few more out of color, in addition to Chalmers, Shane Battier, Allen, Cole et al. also in the field for the Big Three more support. On the interior defense to play a role in Anderson and Greg Oden, Oden should bring help to the team in a short rebound.January 30 Thunder on the road to beat the Miami Heat 112-95 last season, the Miami Heat 2-0 regular season sweep of the Thunder. Wow a ball, the entire Staples Center booed, that is, the roof should have overturned rhythm. Once Howard missed the scene thundering cheers, then again as if the Lakers Dreaming 2009 championship rhythm. Just such a wonderful atmosphere, Howard quietly began a journey abuse.Humiliated the most miserable, than Kaman, Kaman singled out after the opening of Warcraft hook shot first, followed by German underscore a card is not tight, to be turned over directly Howard out, followed by a vicious dunk is heaven . If there is a bit with the opening Hou Kaman Howard singled courage in being pummeled after the Ghost Ship really is.Kaman not say it, not all, German 


state of good games recently, successive two pairs accounted for, from this level in terms of gold Lakers almost gambled underwear leggings, but Carmen did not deal with the general problem of the total center , then bad, goes on as zombie-like handsome face, always play a role in threatening children. The problem is that today, his opponent is World of Warcraft, the league's first center Does not recognize it or not convinced worth mentioning,   nike zoom hyperchaos cheapeven if it wanted to hush hush, hush to the loud, Kaman was also unable to prevent abuse of Warcraft unilaterally. The first section of 3 minutes 10 seconds left, Howard will be to smash a record fourth place, gave Kaman vocal big hat. And before the end of the half five minutes and 31 seconds to hit, and the play finally came.Kaman low ball, stand up behind Howard, starting from the ball, German timid there is clearly a lack of confidence, but added Howard leisurely, standing behind a "You'd fight ah" posture . Imposing aspect will obviously a winner, then turned hesitant Kaman hook, but unexpectedly long been disillusioned Warcraft, air directly Run out success! This look, even the fans at Staples is also silent, indeed too shameful.If the normal cover, the route is to stop the ball, then the closure of Warcraft, in a sense be called pot steals combo. First, the route of organized ball, and then caught the ball firmly in the hands directly. And this air catch cap, also of Warcraft VS Kaman, a true portrayal of the game.See this scene appears in front, and even honey can not help but laugh at the lake on Twitter, a man named Cleveland Havre reporters and even posted such a figure: a strong man holding a basketball, and a a child singled out and topped with a note: Howard VS Kaman.In "Howard sucks" slogan sound, smiling Warcraft sat courtside; while Kaman goes "zombie face", even more dignified. You can easily shout slogans can be data, but do not


 lie. Beijing on February 20, the Lakers 108-134 loss to the Rockets at home, suffered eight straight games at home. Before the game, point guard Steve - Blake temporary leave transaction is notified, so everyone was shocked, but also worried about the prospects for the Lakers. Team coach Mike D'Antoni said after the game, for the deal, he was shocked and lost. "He is one of the two coaches is my favorite player  coached the toughest players. Could get his team are lucky, he will be a great complement."Wesley - Johnson also said: "Seeing such a good teammate really hard to leave."Trade deadline has not yet arrived, the Lakers currently described as insecure. According to the latest rumors on ESPN, Jordan - Hill and Chris - Chris Kaman is likely to be the next object Lakers trading.Saihouxier in an interview just start to "sell" themselves, saying, "I can adapt to any system, every team needs someone like me to provide energy."Had been caught in trade rumors Paul - Gasol did not play because of injury, but D'Antoni said after the game he hoped Gasol could return in Friday's game, which also seems to imply that Gasol will not be Trading will finish the season with the Lakers.Also worth mentioning is that, recently announced that it will participate in the 2014 draft, the most popular champion Dante - nike air more uptempo cheap Exeter Sam Bryant shared with him and came to the scene watching broker Pelinka, also visited the Lakers locker after the game room. Earlier rumors said the Lakers might have spotted the rookie from Australia, and now the relationship seems to have developed further. Transfer deadline approaching, Jeremy Lin and rockets have been rumors of them. Local 19 evening, after the Rockets victory over the Lakers, Lin said in the visitors' locker room, he can not control transfer rumors, if he was traded to Los Angeles, himself happy to be here. NBA season transfer period will be in Beijing on the 21st season, 

layup temporarily blocking the

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scored 13 first half points, Curry had 10 points and four assists, Jamal Crawford scored 10 points, Lee had 8 points and 4 rebounds; Kings Gay had 12 points and five rebounds, Outlaw scored 10 points, Landry and Thomas each had nine points.Lee and Andre Iguodala teamed up 6 points, the Warriors began shortly after the third quarter leading 15 points. Kings play the score 11-4 counterattack near Bora Lee layup temporarily blocking the opponent, Thomas the third, Guy jumper, the Kings have four minutes in the third quarter to 67-71 behind. The Warriors scored four points to stabilize the situation, Outlaw in the third, Thomas kept aggressive and scored six points in the third section of the Kings end with   nike air max hyperposite release date 76-75 ahead 1 point.Lee hit two jumpers, two-thirds of Thompson, who led the team to a 11-3 spurt to open the fourth quarter, the Warriors to 86-79 lead seven minutes. Kings pause after Guy made two free throws to stop bleeding, Green dunk, Lee layup, the fourth quarter and 3 minutes and 25 seconds when the Warriors with 10 points ahead 94-84. Although Outlaw hit the third, the Kings counterattack wave hit 6-2 to narrow the gap to six points, Andre Iguodala hit 3 successful, the Warriors to 101-92 win. Trail Blazers at home against the Spurs today, this is the first game after the All-Star break Blazers. Lillard good condition, surrendered 31 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, but unfortunately, the Blazers did not have the last laugh eventually, they lost 109-111 to the data. Distal Lillard was chopped 10 points. In just the last All-Star Game, Lillard became a well-deserved number one busy man, he attended a total of five games, and successfully gains the Skills Challenge champion. Although tired, but Lillard said in an interview, said he did not regret or participate in so many projects.Back to the regular season, Lillard need to adjust the best condition to face the Spurs. Although fewer array Spurs Duncan, Parker, Lord, but they still can not be overlooked combat Blazers first half and they played very stalemate. Since Aldridge sidelined through injury, Lillar



d need more offensive to assume great responsibility.The first section of the race to the last four minutes or so, Lillard dedication to the game called the best shot. Blazers organized attack, Mo - Williams layup, Lillard direct crowd popped a leap ball with one hand firmly press into the basket! This scene reminiscent shortly before the All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest, while Lillard where the team defeat the Western troops in the East, but Lillard is the only one to get the judges to score the western players, strength can not be questioned.This deduction is also attracted much amazing beauty of the reporters, "kiss the sky a buckle All-Star dunk contest, you just envy go!!" U.S. reporter Kelly - Eggers case said.As can be seen, Lillard today inside a very strong desire to shock, are mostly shot in the paint. After halftime, Lillard's data is also good, 9 voted 5 to 11 points, plus 4 assists, 3 rebounds for Houston. While the Pacers and Spurs killing inextricably score, but Lillard state point of view, he is likely to still further in the second half of play.  nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 for saleThe second half, the Spurs put Mills, Ginobili backcourt to try to limit Lillard. Their approach may have little effect, when the Spurs leading by nine timeshare, it is Lillard stand out to settle the points difference. Blazers shot a wave of 8-0 climax, Lillard one arranged five minutes, in addition to one assist. This also allows the Spurs sweat breaking out on the sidelines Popovich's face is very ugly. However, in the case of distal Blazers start Lillard did not hold on the sidelines to rest, the Spurs offensive blow after another, finally re-opened the points difference. After the battle despite Lillard personal chopped 10 points for the Spurs defense that he had no idea, but four hands, fists face frustration, the last time the Spurs did not give much chance to throw, Lillard had to look at the opponent with take the victory. Oklahoma City Thunder (43 wins and 12 losses) has won three straight, tomorrow, they will usher in a strong east-west dialogue at home, they will face the Miami Heat 



(38 wins and 14 losses). Westbrook is expected to usher Thunder comeback, he and Durant led the team to fight at home to clinch Miami. LeBron-form, he wants to continue to play well and Durant contend, he led the team to try to avenge four straight Thunder shock with three-game winning streak into the All-Star break, their record is the league's most outstanding, This is in case of injury sidelined get Westbrook, who makes a strong competitive commendable. Since the war Houwei Si Brooke on Christmas hanging mianzhanpai, and after that the Thunder can keep a strong fighting force, thanks to Durant's excellent play. Durant rest of the All-Star break is a good opportunity to adjust, but only until tomorrow matchmaking, which also provides an opportunity to small dimensions and joint training of the team.Durant has made it clear Westbrook will be back tomorrow, but coach Brooks also reluctant to give a positive answer. "I think he has a good training today," Brooks said, "We worked very hard on defense conversion we had a lot of practice, also had a lot of half-court defense exercises and training, he will be able to participate."When the last game against the Miami Heat, Thunder missing Westbrook, Durant played well, but he also got help from other teammates out there  nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 menstomorrow if the state is not satisfactory Westbrook, Thunder need to Jackson, Ibaka Durant, who give more help. Perkins will have to give the team more help in the paint, he tries to control the rebound.For Thunder team, Durant is still the most powerful weapon in their competitiveness. In Westbrook missed 27 games, Durant averaged 35 points, 7.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game, he led the team won 20 games, he is regarded as the greatest popular season MVP, tomorrow he will LeBron played directly PK, the two leaders will win.Miami's recent good form, they have to get three in a row, LeBron in these three games have pretty good performance. 

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